Silverpenseln and Guldpenseln 2023

Silverpenseln and Guldpenseln 2023

Silverpenseln and Guldpenseln 2023

We’re excited to announce the theme of this years Silverpenseln, a competition we host annually for our partnering schools in Sweden. This year’s theme is “DIVERSITY MEETS CREATIVITY”. Two highly important aspects of being a makeup artist and something we aim to push for more. For us, diversity means embracing all skin colors, all genders, all ages, all personalities. And this is very important to keep in mind when competing in this year’s Silverpenseln.

All students of our partnering schools are welcome to compete and we urge the teachers to lift the topic in the classroom the best way they can. Reach out to us if you have questions or need inspiration!


The task for the students is to create a look that is diverse in its core and that shows the students own personality as artists. The final look should show the use of makeup products in a creative way and be aligned with trends the student wants to see in the beauty industry. The student must also give a short statement on how they have integrated diversity in their look and why their look should be the next big trend in makeup. The look must be made using products from FÄRG MAKEUP only. Exceptions are made in regards to products not available in our range such as eyelashes, hair products etc.

Round 1, school’s finest

The main stylist teacher of the school decides who will pass the challenge and selects up to nine contestants that are submitted to the competition. The contributions will then be posted on our social media where our followers votes on which candidate will win in each school selection. Each look should have 3-5 sentences describing the students thoughts on the look they’ve created, which will be posted along with the images of the contributions.

The winner goes through to the finals in Stockholm and gets to compete against all other competing schools, live during our event BeautyHack day.

Deadline to submit contestants is Friday 17th of February at 10am. To submit your students work email us on Winners will be announced on the 28th of February.

Finals, Silverpenseln 2023

The students with the highest score from round 1 will win the possibility to represent their school in the finals where the student recreates their look to a live audience. In this round we want to see an added surprise element to the look and a higher lever of technique!

A grand jury will decide which contribution wins Silverpenseln 2023 based on the criteria of technique, execution, how well the students have combined colors and the overall look. The finals takes place live at BeautyHack day and will be livestreamed on social media.

The jury of 2023 consists of TBU, TBU and TBU.


This year we’re also introducing Guldpenseln, a competition for the teachers of our partnering schools. The teachers task will be to do an avant garde expression of their winning students look live at BeautyHack. Of course with diversity in mind. The jury will select a winner based on the same criterias as for the students.

Prize Silverpenseln

3rd place: Goodiebag worth 1500SEK

2nd place: Goodiebag worth 2500SEK

Winner: Goodiebag worth 5000SEK, a FÄRG CERTIFIED MUA spot (value 15.000SEK) and internship at FÄRG MAKEUP & ACADEMY

Prize Guldpenseln

3rd place: Voucher worth 1500SEK

2nd place: Voucher worth 2500SEK

Winner: Voucher worth 5000SEK and a the FÄRG WAY spot (value 15.000SEK)

By submitting your work you agree on giving FÄRG EMPOWERMENT AB and it’s partnering brands full rights to the material which can be used for marketing purposes. The permit has no time limit and can not be disputed. You also agree on not disputing the votes or decision of the jury. By competing in the finals you agree on appearing in our promotional work produced at the finals, such as videos and photographs.


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