This is us

FÄRG MAKEUP was founded in 2005 out of the need for diverse makeup products for professional makeup artists. In a time when existing products didn't allow makeup artists to be able to glam the lightest of the lightest or the darkest of the darkest, FÄRG MAKEUP made it possible to glam up anyone, no matter their skin tone.

Today, FÄRG MAKEUP is a black owned business with women running the show and breaking glass ceilings and the products are popular with both professional makeup artists and beauty loving consumers.


Our motto and core values are that makeup should be fun and for everyone, no matter your skin tone, age, gender identity, religious beliefs and likes or dislikes.

With those words, we want to inspire people to use makeup to break narrow beauty standards and dig into your own beauty allowing it to shine and flourish.

From fronting to owning

Once one of the models to front campaigns for FÄRG MAKEUP, Aysha Jones officially stepped in as sole owner of the brand in 2022.