Mental health days at FÄRG MAKEUP & ACADEMY

Mental health days at FÄRG MAKEUP & ACADEMY

As a brand we strive to be the best that we can for our customers and more so for our staff, specially when it comes to mental health matters. That’s why we’re closing down the office on Monday and Tuesday (19-20/6) for a two days mental health care for everyone in our team. It’s a way for us to take better care of our staff and that way our customers as well. Please read more of why below and let us know what you think of this in the comments here or on Instagram and Facebook.

Why do we have mental health days at FÄRG? It’s important to take care of one’s mental health, society often and mostly focus on the physical health and curing people. These things are highly needed as well but we want to be a progressive company and working place for our staff and the only way to do that is by preventing illness regardless of if it’s mentally or physically related. We often encourage our team to stay home if they wake up and feel like “today is not the day” or “my soul needs an off day”. This off course without any types of deductions in one’s salary or fees. However it’s only possible because of the team efforts put in by everyone at the company and a mutual understanding of allowing a space where we see each other’s needs and strengths. It’s not a work style for everyone which we acknowledge and discuss openly without judgement of those who wishes to do their “9-5” regularly.

636 090 people in Sweden were reported on sick leave in 2022 according to Ekonomi fakta and 28,3% of those were due to mental illness where women stand for a higher percentage of the rate. To break it down further Försäkringskassan reports that 50% of all women and 39% of all men on sick leave are due to mental illness. Numbers that to us are very sad and scary since most people spend most of their days at work we can’t help but wonder how much of it is caused by factors linked to working conditions and environment.

In the aftermath of Covid-19 we also know, thanks to surveys, that the rise of mental illness has spiked. Adding to the fact that we work with many marginalized young, black and brown people as well as people with NPF diagnosis, newcomers etc we feel that it’s of an extreme importance that we as a part of that/ those community/ communities do what we can to reduce mental illness in all ways possible!

What do we do during these two days? Absolutely nothing and everything. Nothing work related and everything our mind, heart and soul needs.

Some of the ways to prevent mental illness according to Försäkringskassan is adjustment of working hours and tasks, contact with therapist. We’re applying all of these in our daily routine as a natural way to care for our staff and their health. We offer ways to afford a therapy session if wanted and one can also apply to get other mental health related services paid for by the company. We’re a tiny fish in a big and deep ocean so our resources are limited but we always try to approve as many supportive requests as possible, this is done completely by the grace of our customers who buys our products and services. Thank you!

Please note that no emails or orders will be answered or sent during these two days. We will have some extra staff coming in to help us catch up once back again on Wednesday but it will effect our service for the rest of the week as well. Thank you for understanding and helping us as a brand strive for sustainability not only amongst our products but also in our team 🥰❤️🙏🏾.



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