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Setting powder - Vanilla BULK 400g

Setting powder - Vanilla BULK 400g

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Vanilla is a transparent powder that can be used with almost any foundation shade. You can also mix it with our mineral powders for more coverage. However, if you have really dark skin tone we recommend using a setting powder with more pigment and undertones as Vanilla can make your skin look bland.

A setting powder is used to even out and make sure your foundation and creme concealer stays in place without setting in the natural lines of your face. Our setting powder is fine-graine, easy on the skin and has a formula that effectively fixates even the most difficult parts of your face, like under your eyes, your laugh lines and around your nose, leaving you with a smooth finish. It will reduce the impression of large pores and irregularities. Apply with our Nr.P01 Powder Brush for light coverage or with a powder puff for extra coverage and fixation on your base. 

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