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Nordic Spring Golden suits anyone with darker, golden skin tone. If you have warm, yellowish undertone  then this is the shade for you. This shade is similar to Nordic Winter Fair but is darker.

Our mineral powder foundations are:
- fine-grained.
- consists of 96% minerals.
- doesn't clog your pores.
- allows your skin to breathe.


Our mineral powder foundations can be used by themselves or as a finish to foundation already applied. They give you light coverage with a natural finish and gorgeous glow. Works on all skin types but are extra suitable if you have sensitive skin and need a nourishing product that is also kind to your skin. For best results, apply with our Nr.24 Buffing Brush.

Before applying your foundation, make sure to moisturize your skin. Oily or greasy skin works best with mineral-based or water-based products because they don't add more oil to the skin. Dry skin works best with moisturizing products with an oily base. The minerals in our powders prohibits spreading of germs and can help calm down problematic skin.

Creme foundation is oil-based, creamy and gives a moisturized glow. It can easily be built up to get the exact amount of coverage that you desire. It also works great as a concealer/color corrector. This foundation can be used on all skin types but is especially recommended to anyone with dry skin.

Mineral powder gives a nice glow while also nourishing the skin and letting it breathe. It is a finely grained powder with light coverage that can be build up to medium coverage if you want. Because it is a dry mineral product, it doesn't allow germs to grow making it especially suitable if you have sensitive skin.

Mineral Liquid Foundation is oil-free, lasting and has a matte finish. It can be built up to get the coverage you desire and works really well if you have large pores and skin that easily gets oily during the day. It works well on all skin types.

How do I choose the right foundation?
A foundation in your skin tone should blend with your skin and be a complement to it. If you can't find the right shade then a slightly darker shade is the way to go. Shades that are too light for you will only enhance visible pores and uneven skin and will make the final result look unnatural. It is more common to naturally have a slightly darker shade on your face than your neck.

How do I choose the right shade?
We offer several shades that can be easily blended together to create your exact shade. To know which shade is yours you need to know which undertone you have. If you have warm undertone then go for a powder with yellow tones. If you have cold undertone then you should instead choose a powder with pink tones.

Mica, Kaolin, Caprylic/Capric Tri¬Glyceride, Glyceryl, Caprylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Heli anthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosmariuns Officinalis Leaf Extract

– I love base products that look really natural, this powder from FÄRG is one of them and it blends so well with the skin. This is perfect if you want to have a light foundation that looks natural in daylight.

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To much shimmer/glitter

It's to shimmery and the shimmer is also to "big" it looks almost like glitter. Not that well suited for men.