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Makeup accessories - Brush Kit Large

Makeup accessories - Brush Kit Large

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This is the perfect brush kit for any professional makeup artist - and it is vegan!

Our brushes are made by hand by high-quality material for durability and perfect makeup results.

This kit includes a brush holster and:
- Nr.P01 Powder Brush
- Nr.R01 Small Rouge Brush
- Nr.24 Buffing Brush
- Nr.22 Foundation/Contour Brush
- Nr.12 Eyeshadow Brush
- Nr.8 Eyeshadow Brush
- Nr.7 Blending Brush
- Nr.6 Eyeshadow Brush
Nr.06 Oblique Head Brow Brush
Nr.4 Lip Brush
- Nr.1 Eyeliner Brush

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