Wondering what it’s like being a FÄRG trainee?!

Wondering what it’s like being a FÄRG trainee?!

At FÄRG EMPOWERMENT we pride ourselves with the fact that we are a powerful and effective steppingstone for young creatives who for various reasons need an extra push to get started or creative souls in general to get restarted in the industry of beautiful things and not so including ways! One of the most important tools we use is empowering trainee spots, just as our name says we’re here to empower all colors, shapes, ages, abilities and people.

Read what our current trainee Robert Radoja @makeupbyrobertradoja has to say about his time with us 🥹🫶🏾

“I am greatful for the honour to be a part of FÄRG MAKEUP as a trainee!
I have grown so much and I have been getting a wider perspective of how this industry works, and I am learning more and more every day.”

As a trainee Robert have been learning how to actually run a beauty brand by doing most aspects around it such as product development, inventory, learning new makeup techniques, taking care of orders and how to make sure the customer gets the best customer service.

“What I really like is that we work on inclusivity. We strive to reach out to everyone regardless of gender identity, etnicity, sexual orientation, age and faiths.”

Robert says that FÄRG also have a “human environment” where trainees and staff can learn and grow! A place where it’s okay to make misstakes and to continue to learn until one gets it right. The company and colleagues also have a great understanding of each other and that everyone is very caring towards each other.

- I feel very safe at FÄRG knowing it’s okay to not be perfect and it’s okay to be myself regardless of what society says.

Do you want to become a FÄRG trainee?

To become a trainee at FÄRG you have to be a student of one of our partnering schools and be able to spend a minimum of three and preferably six months as an intern. You also have to have the internship covered in your school program or as a part of your jobseeker program to ensure that you are either getting CSN or other types of financial assistance to cover your time. Please note that our trainee spots are not the same as a regular internship and we have limited resources and time for appointing trainees.

The makeup and photos of Robert was done/taken by another trainee of ours who we hope to introduce soon!


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