Ramadan glöw up routines!

Ramadan glöw up routines!

Counting the days to Ramadan and we asked SoMe of our favorite sisters in deen what their skincare and makeup routine looks like in the holy month of Ramadan.

First up is the beauty enthusiast and influencer Joi who’s credits her glow to…
- I use a lot of mist, drink a lot of water and eat fruits at iftar. And after every wuddu I apply a hydrating serum.

What about investmentguru and businesswoman Deqa Abukar, what does her routines look like or should we say; does she even need one with that flawless skin (mashallah!)?

- I really don’t have a makeup routine but my morning routine is cleanser then a vitamin c serum, day cream and last but not least the most important component, sunscreen. I don't leave home without sunscreen regardless of the season!

My evening routine consists of cleanser, mandelic acid then a night cream. When time allows, I usually run a routine with deeper cleansing and moisturizer.

Makeup enthusiast and beauty influencer Nahida had this to say to our questions about her routine for Ramadan and we couldn’t agree more!

- Great questions. The most important thing is to remember to drink water as much as you can. Then when it comes to skin care routine, I try to use moisturizing products as the skin needs as much help as it can get. I rarely wear make-up during Ramadan. But if I do put on make-up, I usually try to keep it as natural as possible. I believe that if you have a good skin care routine, your makeup will always look good!

Fashionista and stylist Ikky normally sets trends but what does she say when it comes to the hydration trend that we spot from previous ladies…

- My skin care routine during Ramadan consists of lots of hydration, a rich moisturizer throughout the day and sun protection. When it comes to makeup, I use a natural "no makeup" look with only concealer, powder and blush. I don't do much with my skin during the month of Ramadan.

Makeup artist student and FÄRG ambassador Cherin says that her skincare routines mostly consist of Korean brands and she can’t be without two products in particular…

What I try to focus on the most during Ramadan is my skin care routine as I try to reduce the use of make-up.

What I really love and need during Ramadan are my 2 skin care products which consist of, a serum that gives the perfect glow while calming the skin. Then I have my sunscreen that’s is really magical because of the kind of glow and hydration you get from it, while it protects the skin as well. I think that is KEY to maintaining one’s glow; moisturizing products with natural ingredients. My skin care products mainly consist of Korean skin care as that is what has worked best for me!

My makeup routine during Ramadan is usually very simple glow glow glow! A little concealer under the eyes, and then creamy highlighter everywhere. A little makeup hack I usually do is apply a little Vaseline to the lashes and then curl them to give the illusion of a more open eye and a fresher look.


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