We’re now opening up for scholarship applications which gives those who needs it a possibility to study with us for a reduced fee and some even for free. This is an investment in the next generation, creative business development as well as in a more diverse industry. Of course some terms and conditions will apply but we have made it easy to apply, be approved and study at FÄRG ACADEMY, regardless of who or where you are. We want you to allow us to invest in your dreams and guide you on your way but to reach your goals you have to put in the work. Are you ready?

What do you get
A chance to study at Swedens most prominent, inclusive and business-oriented beauty school! Choose to study in person or online, all students gets a free certified coach during their training.

The grant offers the student a partial scholarship with % paid for by our partnering organizations and donors.

Those not represented in the fashion and beauty industry, whom has been overlooked and not given an equal opportunity because of their skin tone, age, gender identity etc but not broken down and whom refuses to accept the unjust structures of society are eligible for a scholarship from FÄRG ACADEMY. Applicants must be between 18 to 25 years old.

The grant offers the student a complete scholarship with everything paid for by our partnering organizations and donors. The grant also covers the costs of transportation to and from the school (an SL-kort).

To be eligible for a FÄRG FOUNDATION grant you must qualify for the same as for the ACADEMY scholarship but it has no age limits. The foundation grant is preferably given to people who due to various reasons and special needs struggles to study in traditional schools, single parents and those with documented experiences within fashion and beauty such as working in a beauty store, self taught makeup enthusiasts etc. However it can also be given to those the board allows an exception due to other factors stated in one’s application.

How to apply for both grants, send below to academy@fargmakeup.com

  1. Send us a short written letter telling us who you are, how you have used your creativity to empower yourself or others and how you would use this opportunity to keep evolving. Also share any obstacles you have encountered and describe how you dealt with them. Include your name, address, phone number and ID number. If you don’t have a Swedish ID number you can still apply but please mention that in your application.
  2. Create 2-3 looks interpreting a moodboard you have made. Make sure to both film your looks and take pictures of them. Make a reel of your content and add the reel and 3-5 photos to your application as well as a short written description of your inspiration and what techniques you used to create it. Imagine it being for a beauty brand’s social media and for a beauty magazine.
  3. In the headline of your email, state which grant you’re applying for and if you’re looking to study in person or online. Ex. “Academy grant, in person” or “Academy grant, online”.
  4. Book yourself in on a interview via this link: click here to book your appointment

Terms and conditions

If granted a scholarship at FÄRG ACADEMY you must agree to these terms and conditions, they’re automatically accepted by submitting your application and starting your studies. The terms and conditions can’t be questioned or rejected afterwards. Should you by any means break the terms and conditions, we will disqualify you from the course as well as charge a full tuition fee in accordance with the cost of the course at the time of breaking the terms and conditions. The fee is to be paid in full and the payment process follows Swedish laws of payments.

  • The scholar understands, accepts and acts in accordance to the guidelines and values of FÄRG MAKEUP & ACADEMY.
  • The scholar is prohibited from using products from competing brands in their professional work during their training and for one year after graduating from the academy.
  • The scholar is prohibited from enrolling in courses of competing schools during their training and for one year after graduating.
  • The scholar/trainee is prohibited from promoting any other products or services competing with the ones of FÄRG MAKEUP & ACADEMY during their training and for one year after graduating. Exceptions can be made and should always be in the form of a written agreement between the scholar and FÄRG ACADEMY.
  • After enrollment in the school the scholar obtains a discount of 50% of FÄRG MAKEUP.
  • The scholar is to be offered access to a digital network of professionals.
  • The scholar is to be invited to an annual conference for makeup artists and other professionals. Fees may occur but is always discounted for the scholar. Invitation is sent via email, text message or posted on the official website and social media platforms of FÄRG.
  • The scholar is offered a free 15min coaching per month for a year after graduation. This is booked by the scholar via an online tool provided by the academy coach.
  • After completed and approved studies the scholar is to be offered to be included in the FÄRG ACADEMY network of makeup artists available for hiring.

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